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Parrots Sighted in Bellmore

Russell reports: I saw six flying over my house in Bellmore. I have been hearing them since last fall but finally saw them yesterday.


Wild Parrots Spotted in Queens

Lori writes:

“I’ve been hearing parrots for months around our house in Murray Hill, Queens, but never spotted them. I finally saw them flying the other morning, then today I spotted them in a tree in our courtyard. “

Wild parrots spotted in Murray Hill

Wild parrots spotted in Murray Hill

Thanks for the pictures Lori!

Wild Parrots Year Round Residents in Chicago Suburbs

We’ve reported this before, but many people find it amazing the Quakers can withstand a New York winter, which all but pales in comparison to the Windy City.

Today, Brian from Chicago reports:

Just thought I would let you know there are wild parrots here in the Chicago suburbs. It seems from the internet others have been spotted around here, but I walk a lot and noticed a whole tree of them in the dead of winter. I thought I was seeing things.
Then today I saw a  bunch in the same spot – and obviously – around big time power lines.
Anyway – just thought I would share. When you see them you want to get closer – but not really possible.

Thanks Brian for the update!

Parrots Spotted in Merrick

Today Chris observed the following:

“On 5/28/2013 at approximately 10:00 AM I witnessed a group of 6-8 mature size Quaker parrots flying from West to East on Merrick Road, in Merrick, NY (11566).
They appeared to be agitated, as they made quite a bit of noise. They stopped for roughly two minutes and then began to head East again with great speed.
I am amazed at the tenacity of these birds, as I witnessed them as a young child and then again in my twenties.
I view them as an omen. Not as good or bad, but as an indicator of belief.
You may rub your eyes, you may doubt your ears, but those are real birds.
Thousands of miles from their ancestral home, doing what birds do.”

They likely weren’t agitated Chris; noisy is their natural state and you’ll generally always be able to hear them before you see them. ;^}

Mick’s Picture from Riverbank State Park (Riverside Drive)


Great shot, thanks!

Reports from Ft Lee and Upper Manhattan

Yesterday Mayra reported:

“Hi -

Just wanted you to know that about two months ago I saw my first parrot  just south of Fort Lee.  I have seen several since then on the same stretch of road. Last week, on two occasions, I saw a beautiful smallish parrot on Riverside Drive in Manhattan, around 96th Street.  Oh, joyous!”

It is quite thrilling when you notice them for the first time, isn’t it? Then, once that happens, like many other things you all of a sudden see them everywhere! It’s almost always likely that with these guys, you’ll hear them way before you see them – then just look up!

PS: I do wonder if the Riverside Dr. bird might be an escapee?…

Chester: Parrots will NOT be banned in CT town (and neither will chickens)

On January 19, George Sommers’ From the Parrot’s Beak reported:

Chester CT. parrots (and chickens) can stay: UPDATE: Last week’s column reported on a Chester CT man’s petition to ban “noisy fowl”, aimed at chickens but including parrots from the town.From Sally Murray, Town Secretary: “The scheduled public hearing of the Chester Planning & Zoning Commission for Monday, February 4, 2013, at Valley Regional High School in Deep River to hear the Petition submitted by John S. and Bonnie B. Bennet to amend the Town of Chester Zoning Regulations Section: Definitions, ‘Livestock’ and Section 40R, Animals, has been CANCELED due to the fact the petitioners have withdrawn their petition.” Thanks to Dr. Amy Hopkins of Connecticut’s The Parrot Club.


brooklynparrots on Twitter

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Queens Conures on Twitter

Wild Parrots of Amityville

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

More Photos

Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area - Parrot Alerts

Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area

Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area

City Parrots

Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area


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