Unsavory Practices in Connecticut

It’s important, I believe, to keep an eye on what neighboring states are doing regarding the parrots; in particular, Connecticut and New Jersey. Donna Dwyer, a staunch parrot protector in Connecticut reports a troubling development. She states:

Once again United Illuminating is choosing to deal with CT’s Parrots in an inhumane fashion. We understand that large nests on the poles are an issue for the company and we agree that regular maintenance of the nests is necessary. This maintenance can be timed with humanity and a desire to clear the poles without killing any birds. Nest removal during the daytime when there are no eggs or young in the nests does not cause loss of life. The adult parrots can simply fly away and rebuild the nests later. Not so for the babies who have not yet fledged or the embryos inside the eggs.

We have repeatedly asked United Illuminating to schedule nest removal for March before breeding season begins and late September after it is over and the young have fledged. United Illuminating is well aware that the breeding season begins in April. Al Carbone, their spokesman, during an interview with the New Haven Independent for an article written by Allan Appel in October of 2007 is quoted as saying,

“…but we’ve learned that during the breeding season, which is about April to September to leave the nests alone, because it’s wasted work. They rebuild, as I say, almost immediately.” Now that it’s April and nest removal is scheduled this week Carbone is saying that breeding season doesn’t begin until May. Nest removal now means eggs containing embryos with be thrown to the ground and destroyed.

This is cruel and inhumane. Those of us that care about the humane treatment of all living creatures must speak out against this outrage.

I urge you to make your feelings known to United Illuminating, Al Carbone can be reached at 203- 499-2247 albert.carbone@uinet.com

CEO James P Torgerson James.torgerson@uinet.com

This can be prevented by not removing nests during breeding season April- September!!

If you have any questions or comments regarding this or would like more information on wild parrots in Connecticut, Donna’s website is CTQuakers.


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