Update on Senate Bill to Protect Wild Parrots

As the effort continues to introduce a law that would re-categorize the monks as a non-invasive (and therefore, protected) species, the bill that seems to be moving forward is S4131. By following the link you will go right to the NY Senate’s Open Legislation page and at the bottom there is an area to post a comment. Please! Come out and show your support for this bill, which will help our wild friends enormously!

Just yesterday, someone reported that the parrots in their neighborhood had disappeared overnight. I’m not trying to gross anyone out here (the pictures are disturbing but not overly graphic), but please take a look at just how the power companies dealt with this in Connecticut where there are no protective laws in place.


1 Response to “Update on Senate Bill to Protect Wild Parrots”

  1. 1 Linda Brink April 30, 2010 at 9:16 am

    If the nest disappears in the night, OR the birds, you can bet on who did it. And yes, the cruelty is beyond bearing for these lovely birds. If you click on the CT link and enlarge it, you will see the birds in the wooden cage are injured from terribly rough handling of their fragile bodies. There is blood coming from the vent of one, and another has a bloody stump for a toe as it clings to the wire. Please become active to save these wonderful parrots. They are NOT invasive. Rather, they ae not natural to the area due to the stealing of their freedom, many decades ago, by man, and their transport here. And yet, for this, we punish them still.

    Please contact your representatives in Albany and say YES to protecting the Quaker/Monk parakeets. You will be saving their lives if you do this. If you don’t, believe me, the utility companies, and others, will kill them all to save a buck. A life, for a buck. You choose. The laws are supposed to represent YOUR feelings, and what YOU want in NYS. By remaining silent, you give the right to decide to those open to the persuasions of lobbyists. A life, for a buck. Please call and write. One call, one letter. Truly, the lives of these birds are in YOUR hands.

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