Picnic With the Parrots May 22nd in North Babylon

Heads up everyone for this local North Babylon Event:

The 12th annual Picnic with the Parrots bash looks to be a fun-filed outdoor event at Belmont State Lake State Park’s Birch Pavilion, North Babylon, Long Island. New York’s Parrot Fanciers’ Club sponsors this all day (9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) affair. Club members and nonmembers are invited; along with their (clipped) feathered friends, and are encouraged to bring stands for the birds to pose on as it is anticipated that a number of local parrot paparazzi will be there as well. The club will be providing hot dogs, soda and paperware, but attendees are encouraged to bring along some potluck: a dessert or main dish to serve 10 and/or a contribution to help benefit Parrot Haven, another very worthy organization benefiting homeless parrots.. BBQ pits will be available. A $5 member/$10 nonmember fee will be charged to help defray use of the pavilion’s running water and electricity. This event will also feature raffles. For more info, contact parrothavenny@aol.com or call (631) 956-0015. Post submitted courtesy of George Sommers.


1 Response to “Picnic With the Parrots May 22nd in North Babylon”

  1. 1 Michele Stevens May 19, 2014 at 1:26 am

    I feel sorry for these birds to a point but , the point is that these birds are a nuisance and trying to save each and everyone is not logical ! They have taken over . Have you ever tried having one for a pet ? My Mom does and I have never heard anything like it ? Sounds like the Exorcist . This bird will bite and try to attack you . Birds are not meant to be caged ! God gave them wings for a reason . It is against nature to chop off a birds wings and stick them in a cage for entertainment , misery is more like it ! Take steps to keep these uncontrollable birds to be banned IMOA !

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