Top 10 Reasons Not to get a Parrot

We all love parrots – that’s probably why many of you visit this site – they’re fascinating aren’t they? But George Sommers recently posted a top ten list why NOT to own a parrot. In this writer’s opinion, it’s common sense stuff that anyone who owns and loves parrots already knows. But this does offer important facts for anyone considering one as a pet.


1 Response to “Top 10 Reasons Not to get a Parrot”

  1. 1 sunnyskies October 17, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    All of the listed reasons are true. But first and foremost, parrots are creatures designed by nature to soar the skies, bathe daily in fresh water, bask in sunlight, forage for nutrients necessary to their health that do NOT come in bird food. They are highly intelligent, certainly more intelligent that the three year old mentality listed; they are also emotional. And, what they seek more than anything else in their lives, is what they would, in fact, seek in nature: a liftetime flock mate with who they can settle and raise a family. A companion who will, as in the wild, share their every waking moment. No human can fulfill this very real expectation. Which is why humans are constantly breaking parrot hearts.

    Parrots are not ours to take. The home is a terrible environment for them, one in which they do not thrive, physically or emotionally. We breathe their dust, they breath our pollutants, molds, stale air. They are wild at heart; the skies are their kingdom. A cage is just that: a cage. Clipped wings? Clipped wings steal their free will, as well as flight.

    Parrots are not ours to take. As to handfed, domestically bred birds: handfeeding steals the identity of a parrot shortly after he/she is born, leaving them confused for all their long lives. And for every chick in the pet store, their are parents, likely very poorly kept, mourning the loss of their stolen babies.

    Literally millions of parrots of every breed are available as I write this, for adoption. Contact any rescue; any sanctuary. The numbers are staggering.

    Please: do not buy a parrot. Leave parrots to the skies, where truly, they belong. If you must have one, adopt. And do not adopt unless you educate yourself on the bird and his/her needs and intend to make his/her care a lifetime commitment. Every re-homing takes a piece of a parrot’s soul. Make caring for one an endeavor embraced for better or worse, or not at all.

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