New Hampshire Ruling Ties to Issue of “Feral” Parrots

This week’s Examiner post from George Sommers:

Good or bad news for New Hampshire Quaker parrots, depending on your perspective. On Tuesday, 3/22, the NH House of Reps. Fish & Game Committee voted 12-1 in favor of  “grandfathering” current Quaker owners; but no more selling, breeding or bringing the birds into the state. This bill replaces an outright ban bill, potentially forcing current owners to “rehome” their pets. Quaker ownership is already technically illegal in the Granite State, based on fears that the adaptable birds could go feral as they have elsewhere; potentially harmng crops and electrical wires (where they sometimes build nests) and/or native wildlife. The current law has been seldom, if ever enforced. Many NH pet stores openly sold Quakers – until a recent phone inquiry. Despite the less-than-satisfactory outcome for parrot lovers, Rep. Jeanine Notter and others vow to press on for full legality. For further info


1 Response to “New Hampshire Ruling Ties to Issue of “Feral” Parrots”

  1. 1 Linda Brink March 26, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    The harsh New England climate is not supportive of the idea of large flocks of Quaker parrots developing, nor does the plant based agricultural industry of New Hampshire support the idea of huge flocks decending to wreak havoc on crops. In short, New Hampshire and Argentina don’t have a whole lot in common, or even a little in common, when it comes to what makes up an appropriate Quaker parrot survival environment.

    Invasive species have no protections at all, and no animal should be declared such without well researched, extensive evidence proving they are, indeed, a major environmental threat. How sad, for the birds, that New Hampshire is choosing to take this big step backward. How sad that they are basing their fears on speculation rather than fact.

    No creatures invade and destroy the environment as do humans. And so, one would hope, at this critical time in the history of human destruction of the earth, we would be less judgmental of other species, and more judgmental, perhaps, of ourselves.

    Humans put Quakers in the wild. How erroneous to now label them: invaders. And how tragic.

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