Wild Parrots of a Different Feather in Arizona

Rob writes:

Hi, I saw your web site on New York parrots. Very nice! Here in the Phoenix, Arizona area we are being overwhelmed by a parrot called the "Peach Faced Love Bird". The population has just exploded in the last year or two. I am attaching a photo of some of them on my backyard feeder.This year I have had as many as 12 at once trying to get at the feeder. Here is an article on these birds:


Rumor has it that a breeder many years ago was raising them and attempting to sell them without any luck so he released his whole flock. In any case, they are all over the place in Phoenix this year. Apparently, they are native to South Africa and come from a relatively hot and dry part of South Africa so they have adapted well to the Phoenix area.


2 Responses to “Wild Parrots of a Different Feather in Arizona”

  1. 1 Lance October 12, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I have recently discovered Wild Parrots here in North East Oklahoma. I have looked everywhere on the internet, but nobody has confirmed a colony of Quakers in the greater Tulsa area (technically I’m in Skiatook, Oklahoma). I’m going to try and confirm their existence and find the nesting area(s), but it won’t be easy as I live deep in the woods. I would like to make sure they get some protection if they have a colony of any substantial size here.

  2. 2 Anonymous January 26, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Hey there, my father in law in southeastern oklahoma ,where its much warmer, reported seeing a wild parrot in the woods.

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