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Chester: Parrots will NOT be banned in CT town (and neither will chickens)

On January 19, George Sommers’ From the Parrot’s Beak reported:

Chester CT. parrots (and chickens) can stay: UPDATE: Last week’s column reported on a Chester CT man’s petition to ban “noisy fowl”, aimed at chickens but including parrots from the town.From Sally Murray, Town Secretary: “The scheduled public hearing of the Chester Planning & Zoning Commission for Monday, February 4, 2013, at Valley Regional High School in Deep River to hear the Petition submitted by John S. and Bonnie B. Bennet to amend the Town of Chester Zoning Regulations Section: Definitions, ‘Livestock’ and Section 40R, Animals, has been CANCELED due to the fact the petitioners have withdrawn their petition.” Thanks to Dr. Amy Hopkins of Connecticut’s The Parrot Club.


Wild Parrots, Hurricane Sandy and Winter

Since many of you have inquired, on December 29th, the New York Post wrote the following:

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s . . . hey, it is a bird, a parrot no less — in January! The Quaker parrots or monk parakeets, as they’re known, haven’t just lived in New York for decades, they survived Hurricane Sandy and are now ready to outlast a sub-zero winter. Read more…

NYS Assembly Member sponsors Monk Parakeet Protection Act

Barry Schwartz reports:

NYS Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal of Manhattan has stepped up once again and has become the long-awaited Assembly sponsor of the proposed Monk Parakeet Protection Act. This is now Bill No. A08526, as the NYS Senate counterpart is S01246, which has been sponsored for several months now by NYS Senator Joe Addabbo.

Feathered Friends and Macy’s Team Up

Just in from Barry & Gayle Schwartz of Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services:

Feathered Friends is pleased to announce that we are participating in the Macy’s Shop for a Cause event, which brings you shopping discounts at Macy’s on Saturday, August 27th, and helps us to raise funds for Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc.

The tickets are only $5.00 and you will receive 25% off all day on regular, sale, and clearance items, including home—even on most brands usually excluded! You will also save 10% on most electrics/electronics, furniture, mattresses, and rugs/floor coverings.

Please contact us via email right away for your savings pass—please send us $5.00 (check, money order, or cash if picking up in person), and we’ll send you the savings pass. If requesting by mail, send to Feathered Friends P.A.S., Inc., PO Box 780344, Maspeth, NY 11378-0344


And don’t forget to say you saw it on the Wild Parrots of New York Blog. Thanks!

Library Lecture Series on Wild Parrots

Nick DeNezzo will be conducting a series of lectures on our Long Island Parrots at local libraries in the upcoming months.

The Wild Parrots of Long Island – Learn about the Feral Parrot populations throughout the South Shore of Long Island, Brooklyn and the greater NY area who live here year round, how they got here, how to spot them and the best places to observe them. This makes a great family activity combined with a Sunday drive or bike ride.

The intrepid Nick also conducts kayaking tours and lectures frequently on this topic  and many others as well. Below are the dates/times/places for the upcoming Wild Parrots Series:

  • Thur. Aug. 18 – Mineola Public Library – 7:00 pm – 195 Marcellus Road, Mineola
  • Wed.  Aug. 24 – Amityville Public Library – 7:00 pm – Oak & John St., Amityville
  • Wed. Sept. 21 – Lindenhurst Memorial Library – 7:00 pm – 1 Lee Ave, Lindenhurst

Anyone interested will need to make a reservation. Call 631.957.7755 to secure your seat today. View the full schedule of lectures from the Long Island Kayak Tours events page, and don’t forget to mention that you saw it here!

Local Parrot Nests Being Dismantled

Today Nick writes:

“Unfortunately it looks like LIPA has destroyed or removed more parrots nests – last week I noticed 2 nests on S Strong Ave in Lindenhurst just north of Montauk Hwy were gone – fortunately, they didn’t touch the one further east. On the brighter side I have been seeing more nests in trees –  in Amityville there is one in the top of a pine tree across from the tower and one in a tree just left of that one.”

It is good these birds are adapting, as they are much safer from human intervention if they simply stay in the trees. Although I have witnessed nests ‘abruptly’ disappearing literally overnight, I do have to say I am not sure if LIPA is behind it or not. Some people find the birds noisy and irritating and knock the nests down, while others actually get it into their heads to try and capture them and either keep them as pets or sell them. VERY bad idea by the way on both counts, as birds bred in the wild will never be tamed, in fact, they will only be miserable.

A Step Closer to Legalization in New Hampshire

On May 9th, George Sommers reported in the Boston edition of  The Examiner:

“Quaker parrots may become legal to own in NH, pending the signature of Gov. John Lynchon a biil just passed by the state senate. They had been officially and legally banned for years but many pet stores and parrot owners unwittingly violated the obscure law. A phone inquiry by a well meaning NH Quaker owner stirred up a legal tempest.”


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