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Budgie on the Loose in Chappaqua

Yesterday a concerned family reported the following:

“Hello there,

I am just writing to report our sighting of a Budgerigar at the bird feeder at our house in Chappaqua, NY this morning.  We tried to catch it but were not quick enough.  Do you think there is any chance it could survive the winter, or possibly migrate Southward to a warmer climate?”

budgie1budgie2  budgie4

Thank you for the wonderful photos!

It’s likely this bird was either released or is an escapee. Unlike wild parrots, he will not have the safety net of a flock or a formidable nest to survive the elements. Does anyone recognize this little guy? Please respond if you do, or have any suggestions on reeling him in.


Perhaps Another Parrot on the Loose in NYC?

On July 30th Max reported a NYC sighting, possibly of a lost or missing bird:

“Hi, my name is Max, I stayed in NY for a week maybe a month ago.
And when I was up on the roof of the house we stayed in I spotted a small flock of green parrots flying by and I thought WOW! do they have parrots here?

And then I told my fiance about it and how thrilling it was and all that and i regret I didn’t bring a camera up on the roof.

However another day when we went to the Metro, it started to rain, like a shower. So we got soaked and had to turn back home, but soon the rain stopped and the sun broke through instead, and as I stood in the hallway I could hear this beautiful sound coming through the ventilationduct, and first i didn’t know what to think, but then I realized, IT*S THE PARROTS!

So I grabbed the camera and ran up the stairs to the roof and carefully opened the door, and sneaked out so I wouldn’t startle them, and as i looked up the chimney, I saw the most beatiful bird I have ever seen with my own eyes, I had forgotten to turn the camera on and the bird spotted me and flew away real quick as soon as it saw me.

However, this bird was red to almost orange, and as I recall it might have had some feathers standing up on its head. Might have been a bit yellow as well.

I couldn’t find anything like it on your website, and i doubt that it was a domesticated bird because it didn’t seem to be used to people.

Perhaps you know what bird it was? Never saw or heard it again.”

Does anyone want to comment on what they think Max saw?

Parakeet on the Loose in Point Lookout!

This morning Rich writes:

“Hi,  thought you might be interested.
I have a feeder on the end of my dock here in Point Lookout(11569), yesterday and this morning there is a wild? parakeet that found us. It might have spent the night in a nearby pine tree.”

Rich, this is likely an escapee. Hopefully someone might recognize it. Thanks for posting! (Great shot BTW)



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