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Take Part in the World Parrot Count 2013


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Who is planning a “world parrot count” and why?

The “extra-tropical“ department of the parrot researchers group of the International Ornithological Union (IOU) with Roelant Jonker (City Parrots & CML Leiden University) and Michael Braun (Heidelberg University) organize the global parrot count. The main focus of the study are neozoon parrots, meaning parrots which have been introduced by man to locations they are not native to. Read more…

Merry Christmas from the Wild Parrots of New York



These pictures were taken a few years ago but I re-posted them for everyone to keep in mind the best present to give the parrots during this time of year is to keep those feeders full! Happy Holidays from

And just for laughs, be sure to check out the From the Parrot’s Beak Christmas Edition courtesy of George Sommers.

Nests in Babylon

On July 4th, Donna reported:

“Hello, After getting out of my car early  one morning and hearing an “unusual” bird sound, I realized it was Parrots I was hearing,  I went back and was able to snap these photos. You  can post them if you choose to.   I spotted two but there may have been young birds also. I really didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to  the birds for fear that harm may come to them.”


Thanks Donna! And you are right, many nests in Amityville and other places have simply “disappeared”. Assuming the birds were not taken (which may or may not be the case) and are adults, they can rebuild and very quickly too. But it’s not good when either fledgelings or babies are in the nests, which is almost a guarantee during this time of the year. 

Sighting in Far Rockaway

“Today I saw 3 parrots in my backyard, the tails were blue and body was green. I have a bird feeder so it does draw a lot of birds, but this was the FIRST time for a parrot!! I tried to get a picture but I’m just too slow. My husband also saw them, one flew right over his head! I hope they come back, I’m keeping my camera by my window.”

…and a par-rot in a pear tree!

Debbie sent along these marvelous photos today, taken in Freeport, NY.

NYS Assembly Member sponsors Monk Parakeet Protection Act

Barry Schwartz reports:

NYS Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal of Manhattan has stepped up once again and has become the long-awaited Assembly sponsor of the proposed Monk Parakeet Protection Act. This is now Bill No. A08526, as the NYS Senate counterpart is S01246, which has been sponsored for several months now by NYS Senator Joe Addabbo.

Feathered Friends and Macy’s Team Up

Just in from Barry & Gayle Schwartz of Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services:

Feathered Friends is pleased to announce that we are participating in the Macy’s Shop for a Cause event, which brings you shopping discounts at Macy’s on Saturday, August 27th, and helps us to raise funds for Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc.

The tickets are only $5.00 and you will receive 25% off all day on regular, sale, and clearance items, including home—even on most brands usually excluded! You will also save 10% on most electrics/electronics, furniture, mattresses, and rugs/floor coverings.

Please contact us via email right away for your savings pass—please send us $5.00 (check, money order, or cash if picking up in person), and we’ll send you the savings pass. If requesting by mail, send to Feathered Friends P.A.S., Inc., PO Box 780344, Maspeth, NY 11378-0344


And don’t forget to say you saw it on the Wild Parrots of New York Blog. Thanks!


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Wild Parrots of Amityville

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

Parrots in the Icestorm 2/2/11

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Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area

Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area

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Quaker Parrots & Monk Parakeets in the New York Metro Area


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