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Parrots Sighted in Bellmore

Russell reports: I saw six flying over my house in Bellmore. I have been hearing them since last fall but finally saw them yesterday.



Parrots Spotted in Lido Beach!

Today Sarah reported:

“I was amazed to see a “flock” of parrots at Long Beach H.S., today!  I never knew!  I’ve attached a couple of pictures.”



Thanks Sarah – great pics!

Parakeet on the Loose in Point Lookout!

This morning Rich writes:

“Hi,  thought you might be interested.
I have a feeder on the end of my dock here in Point Lookout(11569), yesterday and this morning there is a wild? parakeet that found us. It might have spent the night in a nearby pine tree.”

Rich, this is likely an escapee. Hopefully someone might recognize it. Thanks for posting! (Great shot BTW)


Parrots Spotted in Merrick

Today Chris observed the following:

“On 5/28/2013 at approximately 10:00 AM I witnessed a group of 6-8 mature size Quaker parrots flying from West to East on Merrick Road, in Merrick, NY (11566).
They appeared to be agitated, as they made quite a bit of noise. They stopped for roughly two minutes and then began to head East again with great speed.
I am amazed at the tenacity of these birds, as I witnessed them as a young child and then again in my twenties.
I view them as an omen. Not as good or bad, but as an indicator of belief.
You may rub your eyes, you may doubt your ears, but those are real birds.
Thousands of miles from their ancestral home, doing what birds do.”

They likely weren’t agitated Chris; noisy is their natural state and you’ll generally always be able to hear them before you see them. ;^}

Take Part in the World Parrot Count 2013


Courtesy of

Who is planning a “world parrot count” and why?

The “extra-tropical“ department of the parrot researchers group of the International Ornithological Union (IOU) with Roelant Jonker (City Parrots & CML Leiden University) and Michael Braun (Heidelberg University) organize the global parrot count. The main focus of the study are neozoon parrots, meaning parrots which have been introduced by man to locations they are not native to. Read more…

Merry Christmas from the Wild Parrots of New York



These pictures were taken a few years ago but I re-posted them for everyone to keep in mind the best present to give the parrots during this time of year is to keep those feeders full! Happy Holidays from

And just for laughs, be sure to check out the From the Parrot’s Beak Christmas Edition courtesy of George Sommers.

Nests in Babylon

On July 4th, Donna reported:

“Hello, After getting out of my car early  one morning and hearing an “unusual” bird sound, I realized it was Parrots I was hearing,  I went back and was able to snap these photos. You  can post them if you choose to.   I spotted two but there may have been young birds also. I really didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to  the birds for fear that harm may come to them.”


Thanks Donna! And you are right, many nests in Amityville and other places have simply “disappeared”. Assuming the birds were not taken (which may or may not be the case) and are adults, they can rebuild and very quickly too. But it’s not good when either fledgelings or babies are in the nests, which is almost a guarantee during this time of the year. 


Wild Parrots of Amityville


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