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Parrot Sighting in Merrick

Howard reported this today in Nassau County – thanks for the pics!


Spring has Sprung in Seaford!

Larry sent me these awesome photos today. Thanks! Great shots!

Flock of Parrots in Merrick!

Jennifer reported today:

“I saw these beautiful green birds in Merrick today.I assume they are the parrots you discuss in your blog?  They were beautiful. About 20 of them!!!”

Yep, that would be them. Thanks for sending in the picture!


Parrots in Bellmore!

On August 27th, David reports:


I live in South Bellmore, near Newbridge Park.  I have had 3-4 Quaker parrots visiting my backyard several times a day for the past couple of weeks.

I have attached 3 of 5 photos that I have taken.” ~ Thanks David – great pics! bellmore1 bellmore2 bellmore3

Breeding Season Is Underway!

I’ve received a few emails in recent weeks as the parrots have become highly visible while they’re working on their nests. Breeding season generally runs from April to September, so if you see a nest that may be in jeopardy keep in mind that while the adults can quickly rebuild in another location, if there are eggs, babies or fledglings in the nest they have no way to get to safety. This is at the heart of the power company issue – that the nests could be disassembled but it’s best to wait until at least October.

There have been some success stories where private owners have built their own platforms in order to entice the parrots away from a potentially dangerous situation. Detailed instructions for building this type of platform are available here.

Parrots Sighted in Bellmore

Russell reports: I saw six flying over my house in Bellmore. I have been hearing them since last fall but finally saw them yesterday.


Parrots Spotted in Lido Beach!

Today Sarah reported:

“I was amazed to see a “flock” of parrots at Long Beach H.S., today!  I never knew!  I’ve attached a couple of pictures.”



Thanks Sarah – great pics!


Wild Parrots of Amityville


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