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Parrots Sighted in Astoria


George reported today that he saw about a dozen parrots and was kind enough to send along this photo – thanks George!

As a follow up George reported on the 28th: “My mother says they now flock to this tree every morning. The most she has seen at once was 25 parrots, and 4 conures.  The sounds they make are amazing.”



What do I feed them?

This question, along with a great pic came in today from Soledad. And the answer is: you can feed them just standard wild bird seed – you’ll often see them on a feeder with a bunch of other birds. Naturally they like parrot food as well. 🙂

Actually now it is a good time to do it, because while the birds have many other sources of food during the summer months, they are pretty much reliant on feeders over the winter.


Parrots Spotted in Lido Beach!

Today Sarah reported:

“I was amazed to see a “flock” of parrots at Long Beach H.S., today!  I never knew!  I’ve attached a couple of pictures.”



Thanks Sarah – great pics!

Perhaps Another Parrot on the Loose in NYC?

On July 30th Max reported a NYC sighting, possibly of a lost or missing bird:

“Hi, my name is Max, I stayed in NY for a week maybe a month ago.
And when I was up on the roof of the house we stayed in I spotted a small flock of green parrots flying by and I thought WOW! do they have parrots here?

And then I told my fiance about it and how thrilling it was and all that and i regret I didn’t bring a camera up on the roof.

However another day when we went to the Metro, it started to rain, like a shower. So we got soaked and had to turn back home, but soon the rain stopped and the sun broke through instead, and as I stood in the hallway I could hear this beautiful sound coming through the ventilationduct, and first i didn’t know what to think, but then I realized, IT*S THE PARROTS!

So I grabbed the camera and ran up the stairs to the roof and carefully opened the door, and sneaked out so I wouldn’t startle them, and as i looked up the chimney, I saw the most beatiful bird I have ever seen with my own eyes, I had forgotten to turn the camera on and the bird spotted me and flew away real quick as soon as it saw me.

However, this bird was red to almost orange, and as I recall it might have had some feathers standing up on its head. Might have been a bit yellow as well.

I couldn’t find anything like it on your website, and i doubt that it was a domesticated bird because it didn’t seem to be used to people.

Perhaps you know what bird it was? Never saw or heard it again.”

Does anyone want to comment on what they think Max saw?

Wild Parrots Year Round Residents in Chicago Suburbs

We’ve reported this before, but many people find it amazing the Quakers can withstand a New York winter, which all but pales in comparison to the Windy City.

Today, Brian from Chicago reports:

Just thought I would let you know there are wild parrots here in the Chicago suburbs. It seems from the internet others have been spotted around here, but I walk a lot and noticed a whole tree of them in the dead of winter. I thought I was seeing things.
Then today I saw a  bunch in the same spot – and obviously – around big time power lines.
Anyway – just thought I would share. When you see them you want to get closer – but not really possible.

Thanks Brian for the update!

Parrots Spotted in Merrick

Today Chris observed the following:

“On 5/28/2013 at approximately 10:00 AM I witnessed a group of 6-8 mature size Quaker parrots flying from West to East on Merrick Road, in Merrick, NY (11566).
They appeared to be agitated, as they made quite a bit of noise. They stopped for roughly two minutes and then began to head East again with great speed.
I am amazed at the tenacity of these birds, as I witnessed them as a young child and then again in my twenties.
I view them as an omen. Not as good or bad, but as an indicator of belief.
You may rub your eyes, you may doubt your ears, but those are real birds.
Thousands of miles from their ancestral home, doing what birds do.”

They likely weren’t agitated Chris; noisy is their natural state and you’ll generally always be able to hear them before you see them. ;^}

Mick’s Picture from Riverbank State Park (Riverside Drive)


Great shot, thanks!


Wild Parrots of Amityville


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